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Experience the revolution. Never before a book, paper, or a document was truer from reality itself …

It is a special experience; a whole new world opens before us, with the virtual opening of the cover of an iBook. Never has reading and getting informed been as dynamic, modern, innovative, exciting and interactive as this.

We all want to change the world but we all have a hard time changing ourselves and our habits. For hundreds of years, books, brochures, leaflets, were something we kept in our hands, read in the traditional way, giving us information and knowledge through one dimension. But in a world where everything changes rapidly, technology has changed the way we spread knowledge and information, how can the book and brochure have remained the same?

There are things that don’t get better with time.

The classic books and classic brochures, except their one-dimensional character, are in our time, not ecological and costly. Classic forms and traditional hard copy brochures once brought economic benefit, now not. The audience has changed, our needs have changed, the way we communicate information and the way we communicate as people have changed.

Now it’s time to change and the way we reads. The way we travel through a story, a text, information, a brochure.

Young people have embraced the new technologies, iphones, ipod, ipad history has shown that wherever youth goes, there is the future. With iphones, ipod, ipad, we communicate with the world, interact in it, connect and share information, knowledge and experiences. Current books and brochures should give images, experiences and information in the way that young people need.

With a «tap» only by touch, begins a wonderful journey to a new world of experiences. Full Screen Experience, 3d diagrams, interactive graphics, pictures, video, audio files. We are no more restricted to static pictures and a simple text.


See your brand come to life through iBooks technology;

See your brand come to life through iBooks technology; welcome the world to your company only through a tap. Tour Guides in the production line, in your story, greet in your offices. Show him pictures, talk, let him experience contact with the product, rotate the photo, enlarge, come closer to examine what you say … Give him the opportunity, with a slide on his finger to enter your world and see your vision with your own eyes.

Share your life experiences and connect to a common, unique living experience.

Enter the iBookstore and buy the book that you wish. No more just read what the author says, but join him in his journey to inspiration and creation.

Books and brochures that go beyond the prints, books and brochures that creates impressions.

Animation and 3d objects come alive through your display:

Experience three-dimensional images, interactive images and interactive Galleries.

Get a partner, an ambassador for your brand and your company. Make your brochure a vibrant partner.

Harness the potential of Highlighting; give your audience the opportunity to show you what they consider important and what they like most about your text. Let them play and create, change colors, add a note in the Note Talking tool, become a co-creator with you, tell you the story that relates to them in relation to the product or service in order to combine their knowledge to yours.

Skip to the next dimension, when every note and every highlight in the book or brochure, converts your iBook to a study card, thus building a second interactive brochure or book with its own colors and graphics-enabled dictionary, concentrating all the action of the reader into an important tool.

iBooks enable people with difficulties and disabilities to experience the journey of reading and receiving information, through the voice of technology. Using specific descriptions of accessibility to media, even those with vision problems can live the experience.