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Custom Social Media App Development

Custom Social Media App Development

The group of application designers and technicians at White Space works with leading brands in order to translate an idea into a handy, powerful and attractive application. The development of a rich featured application, with beautiful appearance eventually becomes a creation of a unique user experience that transforms the customer to an evangelist, a faithful ambassador of your brand.


White Space has designed and developed more than 100 unique applications using different technologies of Flash action script, Java and PHP, even JQuery for brands such as Germanos, Star Channel, Everest, Avene, Rockstone etc., who entrusted us for complex projects that took combinatorial study of their operational systems and innovative design, qualities that our experienced developers and talented designers feature.


See what we can do for you and your brand:


1) Custom Facebook App. Development


What we have dreamed we can implement in Facebook, with skilled designers and developers that will build a complete application for you and will support it in terms of creation and development from the stage of conception to implementation. If it is possible, we can do it and promote your brand through it.


2) Trivia Apps.


One of the most demanded applications, from brands that want to connect with the world through quizzes, games and questions, details about specific times or even daily, depending on the strategy employed.


3) Sweepstake Apps.


Give your favorite public coupons and raffle of branded products or services to reward them for being your most loyal ambassadors.


4) Fan Coupon Apps.


Convert visitors into friends and fans of your Facebook Page, rewarding them with a special coupon-invitation to a special event, a major contest, or reward them with a discount coupon.


5)  Video Channel Apps.


Create your own Web TV, filing your content directly to your Facebook page, thereby increasing the hits and the number of people that see you and your brand’s progress. When people see your videos, when they have access to your media they will spend time in your brand, and this is how you build a relationship with them.


6) Contest Apps.


Make your brand “be heard”. Let users create buzz through their competitions that will allow them to upload their own photos, videos or audio files, in order to claim a prize for the best upload.


7) Virtual Window Shopping Apps.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Using large, clear images helps in promoting your business and brand in a very efficient manner. Adding a “buy now” button, automatically turns a photo into a virtual store. Following is just a click to get the fan to the online store of your brand.


8) Gifting Apps.


Empower your audience on Facebook to send “virtual” gifts of your brand, giving them the same experience as if they were trading gifts normally, while custom messages allow them to communicate among themselves and their friends directly from your Facebook page.


These applications will really help you boost your brand; increase the number of fans, friends and followers, spreading your reputation on a global scale using word of mouth. It will also give impetus to your products and ideas, making your customers deepen their relationship with your brand, building a trusting bond that will increase your sales and consolidate your commercial status in the market.


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