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Online Advertising Campaigns

Online Advertising Campaigns

Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, is still the secret of great creative advertising campaigns that promote feelings rather than products or services.

The Online advertising campaigns are much more than simple internet advertising, a typical banner or some cliché keywords. It is a whole philosophy of communication that develops the overall strategic communication and promotion of your product or service, couched in the language of the web. Here however, we need a dynamic system that combines faith and philosophy of the product, the company, the brand and simultaneously have a profound knowledge of the tools which unreel the Online advertising campaign to an experience, in an experiential touch. Talking about their impressions creates feelings that inspire and ultimately change the daily lives of those associated with it.

An inspiring and strategically dynamic Online advertising campaign activates each brain neuron recipient, any feeling of making a powerful and different engagement between him and the brand, mostly by building relationships and interaction connecting the brand, clientele and social media in a well-tuned communication mechanism that keeps our existing clients and attract new ones.

In White Space experienced professionals know the strategy to develop the ideal online ad campaign that reflects the values ​​of your brand and how to translate it into platforms and tools on the web to resonate, placement and visibility that assures the attraction for communication campaign. A coordinated team of skilled professionals bringing you results in creation and in the online sector, which alone the brand can not succeed.

Once your brand becomes aired on suitable online advertising platforms, with the right targeting keywords you automatically earn recognition and attraction, profit that with the right tools can be utilized by the entire network site, social media and e-mail.

We know what broad keywords will show off your campaign, how to create and manage the perfect Facebook ad, how to keep the world in your online network, through a large portfolio of brands.


Do you need an ad or a live experience to talk about your brand?

2. Trivia Apps
One of the applications with the greatest demand from brands that want to connect with the world through quiz, quizzes and questions, details specific time or daily depending on the strategy employed.

3. Sweepstake Apps
Give your favorite public coupons and raffle of branded products or services to reward them for being your most loyal ambassadors.

4. Fan coupon Apps
Convert visitors into friends and fans of your Facebook Page rewarding them with a special coupon – invitation to a special event on a major tournament or reward them with a discount coupon.

5. Video Channel Apps
Create your own webTV bringing and filing the correct way your own content directly to your Facebook Fan Page , thereby increasing the hits and the number of people that see you and of course your reputation. When people see the video, and have access to your hardware, they spend time in your brand so you slightly begin building your relationship.

6. Contest Apps
Make your brand “heard” let users create buzz through their own competitions that allow them to upload photos, video or audio files , to claim prizes for the best upload.

7. Virtual Window Shopping Apps
A picture is worth a thousand words. Using large, clear images helps in promoting the brand and your business in a very efficient manner. Adding the button «buy now» automatically turns a photo into a virtual store. Following is just a click to get the fan to the online store of your brand.

8. Gifting Apps
Empower your audience on Facebook to send “virtual” gifts of your brand living the same experience as when they are given real gifts , while the custom messages allow you to send fans directly from your Facebook Page, allowing them to communicate among themselves and with their friends.

These applications will really help you and give a boost to your brand, increasing the number of your fans, friends and followers spreading your reputation on a global scale by word of mouth. It will also give impetus to the products and ideas making your users deepen their relationship with your brand , build a trusting relationship that will increase your sales and consolidate your commercial status in the market.